Weekly Digest for 05.09.02012

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Summer is unofficially over. I trust that you were able to do the things that you wanted to do, had a great vacation with your families, and basically enjoyed the season. For me, I did not do some of the things that I had planned, but I did a lot of them and had what was probably the best summer of my life since I left college. And that was half-a-lifetime ago!

As the summer draws to a close I find that I am looking forward to the changes that this time of year brings to my part of the country: less crowds flocking in the streets of my little resort community, the colors of the leaves, getting to experience the transition of the season as a participant. For the past few years I have looked up one morning and all of the leaves were gone from the trees, it was cold – I needed a jacket – where did Summer go? And Fall?

This year is going to be much more deliberate. And rewarding!

Thought for the Week
As we move into the third new season of the year what are some things that we can be more deliberate about? Share your thoughts on our private Google Plus channel: https://plus.google.com/107930630692298860551/posts/LHW2kUVC3kp

Out on the Public Web
Dave Seah discusses a Brainstorming Tool: http://davidseah.com/blog/2012/08/designing-a-brainstorm-boosting-tool/ and shares a meeting planner worksheet http://davidseah.com/blog/2012/09/randy-riggs-structured-meeting-planner-dr02/

Schaefer Marketing Solutions presents 5 Unexpected Benefits of Blogging www.businessesgrow.com/2012/09/04/five-unexpected-benefits-of-blogging/

Guest Postings
I have a guest post at CreateWriteNow, a book review www.createwritenow.com/personal-journal-blog/bid/88907/The-Unfinished-Work-of-Elizabeth-D-A-Book-Review

Weekly Letter Excerpt

I have been asked again to explain my thinking about how I organize all of my writing activities and other projects. Over the years I have sampled many systems and tools but always wind up coming back to my index cards. Nothing quite matches the flexibility, portability, and update-proof-ness of the Next Action Cards.

I keep the cards organized on a bulletin board, according to the Personal Kanban system, which I learned about via Jim Benson (@ourfounder on Twitter). For a long time I would simply carry them around around in my Capture Notebook and arrange them on my work table according to what it is that I am working on at the time. This system proved to be unwieldy, as there was a lot of shuffling of the cards as I arranged them according to my strategic intent.

Kanban Changes the Perspective

Kanban is a concept related to lean and just-in-time (JIT) production. The Japanese word kanban (pronounced [kanba?]) is a common term meaning “signboard” or “billboard“. According to Taiichi Ohno, the man credited with developing JIT, kanban is a means through which JIT is achieved.[1]

Kanban is a signaling system to trigger action. As its name suggests, kanban historically uses cards to signal the need for an item. However, other devices such as plastic markers (kanban squares) or balls (often golf balls) or an empty part-transport trolley or floor location can also be used to trigger the movement, production, or supply of a unit in a factory.

It was out of a need to maintain the level of improvements that the kanban system was devised by Toyota. Kanban became an effective tool to support the running of the production system as a whole. In addition, it proved to be an excellent way for promoting improvements because reducing the number of kanban in circulation highlighted problem areas

Once again, thank you for your attention. I look forward to discussing these topics with you. If you have any suggestions for future “Thoughts of the Week”, please reply and share them. Maybe one of your questions will become part of a future volume of Work.Smarter! (See http://worksmarterbook.com for more)

Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Digest for 05.09.02012

  1. I like to the idea of creating a person kaban. However, I work in a very public office and don’t believe it’s a good idea to have that on display. I am thinking of ways to set it up where it can only be viewed by me. Thank you for sharing new ideas!

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