Weekly Digest – 22 May 02012

This has been a tough week for me. Being sick really took the motivation out of my daily activities. I am feeling much better now and I am getting back into my routine.
I want to thank all of you that took the time to reply to the last Digest with your thoughts and comments and ideas. I found it to be very rewarding and I am looking forward to working with all of you on some of these ideas.

Thought for the Week

“Start Less to Complete More” - This was one of my “catch-phrases” for the new year when I did my goal-planning for 02012. Unfortunately I went ahead and started too many things in April and have been simply unable to complete any of them. That’s right, I have not finished anything. So, it’s time to re-prioritize. One project each week (or as long as it needs) until each of the things that I started is done. No new projects or activities in June. I will finish the April and May stuff before I move on.
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Out on the Public Web
Here is a very smart article about blogging for your business:

Davidlee Willson is using Pinterest for doing his storyboarding… http://pinterest.com/im2b/production-design-and-sets-inspire/

Guest Postings
I put up a guest post at Phil’s blog this past Friday, to discuss the “Work Like You Are Going on Vacation” experiment. I guess no one did it. No Comments. Oh well.
Weekly Letter Excerpt

Future Plans and Activities
Forthcoming G+ and blog (yes, blog, yet another experiment) discussions will include the topics of:
  • Creating a virtual “Board of Directors” for your business or “jobby”
  • Creating a Mastermind Group for creative inspiration
  • Selecting a Virtual Assistant to do “the Small Stuff”
  • Accountability Practices for solo-preneurs and pre-preneurs
  • Growing your personal network
  • Making time for creative work
Once again, thank you for your attention. I look forward to discussing these topics with you. If you have any suggestions for future “Thoughts of the Week”, please reply and share them.
Have a great week!
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